The calm Idyllic Paradise Island destination

GO AN EXPLORE THE NATURE WORLD. If you are planning an island vacation destination or looking for quite break surrounded by nature is an absolute jewel in Indian Ocean. This is an ideal getaway for those who just want to relax and experience the nature in a warm azure water of Indian Ocean. There is no other an Island like on earth. Where nature thrives, miles of pretty beaches, lush green landscape and world heritage sites are the perfect ingredients for the quality time retreat with your loved ones.

Seychelles beautiful group of more than 115 islands that are scattered across the Indian Ocean.
They are situated about 1,600 kilometers from Kenya. Other neighboring countries are Zanzibar and
Madagascar. All these islands are known for their incredibly pure white beaches, gently lapping shores
and a vast expanse of blue sky make them —The calm Idyllic Paradise Island destination.
Which island should we go to? Do not think too much. Be there particularly on three larger islands.
MAHE is a main and largest island. The Seychelles airport is in heart of Ocean in the most scenic tranquil
setting near the capital of victoria. Which makes Mahe a spectacular island. Although it is the economic
and political center of the Seychelles, but It has still retained its natural charm and beauty. PRASLIN is
second larger Island of Seychelles. They are known for their unspoiled natural trails and beaches which
are considered some of the world’s greatest natural treasures. This Island is home of ‘World Heritage
Site. LA DIGUE is extremely beautiful Island, probably the most photographed Island in the world. Its
untouched natural beauty, tranquility and charm offer a level of harmony and natural peace that few
other holiday destinations possess. With such a dream like setting Seychelles is unsurprisingly a choice
place for a honeymoon as a romantic destination. But there is much more to see and explore than
simply cracking open a bottle of champagne with your loved one in a luxurious hotel.
‘UNDOUBTEDLY BEAUTIFUL’ it is great to be so close to nature, Indian Ocean, lush green hills, turtles,
and Birds. A place unique in the world
Indulge yourself with nature – Do not miss opportunity to admire the beautiful flora and fauna of
Islands. Each of the islands in Seychelles is amazing and serves as a perfect base to enjoy a variety of
activities. In fact, Seychelles is truly worth and enable you see and explore a lot. It depends on your
interest of holiday activities you would like to do. Seychelles holiday is real taste of creole culture on an
Island paradise.


Seychelles vacation truly awesome and unforgettable for us. We took a holiday package with hotel
accommodation. Our Hotel Coral Strand Beach was a great location to witness breathtaking sunrise and
sunset. The whole bay could be overlooked, a fantastic Ocean view from our resort. It was situated right
on Beau Vallon beach. It was the ultimate beach treat for us to walk along the beach. Above all for me,
an opportunity to do yoga and meditation at the beach was the true feeling of revival of spirit.
There are many hotels from the most luxurious to budget ones are available in Seychelles. Therefore,
there is no issues in getting hotel or resorts of your choice and need. All tour and package are available
to explore these amazing Island, which are available at every hotel desk. There are many Airlines also
offer tour packages with hotel accommodation. To make your holidays more relaxed and hassle free,
airlines holiday tour packages are the right choice. No doubt it is easily accessible to us all.
So do not think much, plan a holiday of Seychelles… the most scenic destination in the world that
provides a feast of attractions too which surely make your holiday unforgettable. There are few
tourist attractions you could not avoid particularly on their larger Islands.
Things to do with few tips —- Indulge in the ultimate beach retreat. You can do and enjoy several
activities on the most beautiful beaches in the world.
— Go for leisurely beach walk or [Jog]. These beaches have natural scenic walking tracks. Try to do it in
the morning or at sunset. It is a most enjoyable time.
—-Those who like to spend lazy days on holiday can swim and relax on the beach. You would find many
other beach lovers lazing on the beach chairs and tanning themselves in the bright sun. An evening in
Seychelles after dinner, chilling out with cocktail or glass of local wine in hand and watching
entertainment in your hotel or in a tropical beach bar overlooking the sea is complete package of
relaxing holiday.
—-There are many bars, restaurants and small shops with in waking distance for essentials need.
—-Do not miss the lifetime an experience of exploring the Marine life. You can select the tour options
which are available at the hotel desk. An adventurous can dive underwater and experience the vibrant
world of coral reefs and fish shoals swimming beneath the surface.
—A full day Reef Safari tour was perfect and safe for those like us, who were not comfortable in
underwater swimming and Snorkeling. You would cruise in a catamaran around the marine park. There
you would transfer in the glass cover bottom boat, to experience breathtaking underwater world of
tropical sea life and Vibrant Coral reefs. It was simply exciting.
—For nature lovers Seychelles holidays would be incomplete without taking a tour of Vallee de Mai
Nature Reserve, which hold world heritage sites. Where visitors can appreciate the conservation of
Wildlife. It is a top spot to watch birds and giant tortoises in their natural habitat.
— To enjoy the perfect beauty of the Islands and to venture into the green rain forests and mountain
ranges take a helicopter sightseeing tour.

— Indulge in fine dining too. Enjoy the Creole cuisine, which is an adventure, an exotic mix of Chinese,
Indian, African and French flavors. Seafood lovers can have a great treat of freshest seafood.
Protect the nature inhabitants… Avail this opportunity during your Seychelles holiday. Where you
will not only be able to revel in the beauty of the Island but also help to protect the natural
inhabitants of this Paradise Island. I believe that this could be a major attraction to visit this Island to
contribute to the future for protection of nature conservation.
I assure you that Seychelles is a complete package of holiday and perfect romantic getaway. You would
not regret visiting there to explore this nature blessed Island. Seychelles unspoiled beauty truly offer a
level of harmony and natural peace. So do not miss the opportunity to connect yourself with nature to
rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul too.
Weather facts— A year-round destination located outside the cyclone belt. Seychelles Islands are
blessed with a warm and humid tropical climate with refreshing sea breezes and temperature ranging
24c to 32c. So, it is always warm and make the Islands a year round destination.
Entry Requirements— To enter the country you will get a free tourist visa on the spot at the airport.
This is true for all the passport holders. To get your visa, you will need a valid passport with a minimum
validity of six month. You all just need a return air ticket and an accommodation voucher.
Did you know about Seychelles? A Holiday tour would be incomplete without sharing these
interesting facts.
The Seychelles is geographical location, and its physical feature made an ideal hide way for pirates. The
treasure of the notorious Pirate Olivier Le Vasseur today valued $US 160,000,000 probably still lies
buried somewhere at Bel Ombre in north Mahe.
Aldabra – is the world largest raised coral atoll and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is so vast that the
whole of Mahe could fit inside its lagoon. It is home to the only flightless bird in the Indian Ocean.
Aldabra also has the largest population 150,000 of Giant Tortoises in the world.
Aride Island- is the important breeding site for 10 species of sea birds.
Seychelles area is scattered over 1.4 million km of Indian Ocean.
Victoria is one of the thinnest capitals of the world and can be explored on foot.
Seychelles was under French administration for 44 years (1770-1814) and under British for 163 years
(1814- 1976).
Coco-de-Mer palm produces the largest seed in the world which weighs up to 15kg.
Seychelles is home to some of the rarest endemic birds. Its granitic islands are the oldest Oceanic
Islands on the earth.
Clock Tower is the focal point of victoria. It was officially erected on 1st April 1903.

The Sainte Anne Marine National Park was founded in 1973. The first marine park in the Indian Ocean?
Telegraphy came to Seychelles in 1893 when Cable and Wireless laid an undersea cable from Zanzibar to
Seychelles and Mauritius.
Did you know that Tracy Island, in the ‘Thunderbirds’ blockbuster of 2004 was no other than Seychelles
North Island. Many other scenes in the movie were also filmed in the famous Vallee de Mai on Praline
The Miss world Beauty Pageant was held in Seychelles in 1997 and1998.
The Vasco de Gama discovers Island in1502 and Pedro de Mascarenhas in 1505.
The official opening of Victoria Hospital took place in 1924 by Governor Byme.
First Seychelles postage stamps were issued in 1890. Previously Mauritius stamps were used.
The first motor car was introduced in Seychelles in 1929 by M. Adolphe d’Emerez de Chamoy.
During the French occupation, Seychelles was usually written as ‘Sechelles’.
The colonial mountain of Sainte Anne Island rises to its highest peak is over 250 meter and looks
During the Second World War, Seychelles was an important refueling base for British warships.
Anyone who can speak a little French will be able to understand Creole language as there is no gender
and the verb endings remain constant.
The author of famous James Bond character, Mr. Ian Fleming, wrote few of his books at Northolme
Hotel now called Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa.
Seychelles is one of the few places
in the world that has no real
natural hazards or danger.


By Gitanjali Saxena , Senior Jourrnalist

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